Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Ever Wondered How To Lose Weight Fast

Have you been wondering how to lose weight fast? Eating just one fresh banana every morning and nothing else till lunch seems like a practical and easy to follow plan. That it helps to lose weight and actually works is icing on the cake!

Rich in starch, fiber, potassium and glucose a banana is an ideal start to the day. It keeps charged up and satiated till your next meal and boosts your metabolism too.

But there are rules to help you lose weight.

First thing in the morning sip on a glass of warm water. About an hour later eat a banana. Wait for half-hour. If you still feel hungry eat another.

Now go about your daily routine.

For the other meals of the day eat enough to keep you stomach from getting full. Aim for 80 % full. Eating a little less is always a good thing according to ancient Japanese wisdom.

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