Monday, 4 April 2016

How Important Is Your Bodybuilding Diet?

A bodybuilding diet is critically important for muscle gain. What you eat after an exercise workout and how often to eat is of high priority for serious bodybuilders. Only when you watch calories carefully can you make sure that muscle gain doesn't pile on with fat gain.

One of the most important elements of your bodybuilding diet is:

Calculate your intake of carbs

Of the two kinds of carbs that you'll eat - starchy and non-starchy - both are equally important.

Starchy foods like rice, bread and pasta give an immediate sugar high because they are quickly and easily digested.  Non-starchy carbs found in vegetables and fruits cause blood glucose levels to rise gradually since they are digested and absorbed more gradually.

Your bodybuilding diet must have both starchy and non-starchy carbs in the appropriate ratio. What carbs you eat doesn't matter as much as how much of each kind you consume. Starchy carbs are good to eat before and shortly after workouts when your body needs more calories. Eat non-starchy carbs for other meals.

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