Sunday, 14 October 2012

Roof Shingles Calculator

Roofing shingles calculator is one of those handy tools that help both the homeowners and the roofing contractors. The homeowners love this tool as they can get accurate estimates about how much money to set aside for their replacement roof. For the roofing contractors this tool is blessing, as they are able to estimates of really fast and make a sale for new job on the go.

The calculator used in to estimate the amount of roofing shingles to order is simple and easy to use. It comes loaded with data about roofing shingles costs, labor costs and so on based on the zip code. When you key in the few details it needs like roofing area, complexity of roof and type of shingles you want to choose for your home, it makes the calculations and gives you a fairly accurate assessment of the costs.

Previously when no roofing shingles calculators where available, a roofing contractor would take back the data collected from the home and sit in his office to calculate the costs and then send a quote for his work. Today, the same person can work faster than that and give the rough estimates at the job site, instantly. He can make a fair assessment of whether he has made a sale or not. This helps him to have faster turnover as he does not have to waste time on jobs he knows he won't get.

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Saturday, 6 October 2012

Finding And Buying Best Roof Shingles Online

Make An Informal Survey

An informal survey of your acquaintances and friends yields relevant information.
About kind of materials best suited for your weather
The budget for the job and
Contact details of roofing contractors who did a good job.

Online Research To Calculate Roof Replacement Costs

Check out online forums, discussion boards and chat rooms for type of roof to choose.
Approximate cost of roof.
Names of roofing contractors
Names of potential suppliers.

Know Your Roof Area
Order required Quantity of roofing shingles
Factor In Wastage
Research potential vendors well.
Get help from roofing contractors and order best possible roofing material.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Factors Determining Roofing Shingles Price

For A New Roof - Need To Know cost of roofing shingles.
Roofing shingles prices crucial factor determining quotes for new roof prices.
Second factor is The other important factor cost of labor
This will decide how much you will pay for a new roof.

Type Of Material:

Type of material determines the roofing shingles prices.
Metal roofs, slate, ceramic tiles and clay tiles are expensive.
Asphalt is the cheapest.
It offers choice is like laminated shingles, composite shingles and architectural shingles.

Quality Determins Cost of Roofing shingles

Cost of roofing shingles depends on the quality.
Higher quality asphalt shingles is priced higher.
Quality shingles are thicker and have more asphalt.
Flexible, durable, stronger and tougher.
They last a much longer time than thinner and low-quality shingles.
Same applies to metals and other materials.
Better quality always goes for higher prices.

Local Shingles For Local Needs

Different states have different needs based on the local climate.
Manufacturers have come up with solutions tailored to those conditions. 
Purchase shingles locally save on your transportation costs.
Local shingles are more suited to the local weather. 
Verify the local building codes for minimum required standards for the roofs in the area.

Get A Number Of Quotes

Get more than a couple of quotes. 
Compare the pricing and the fine print. 
The more quotes you get the better will be the comparison in price.
Your ability to negotiate is enhanced. 
Most established players will have bigger overheads.
Quality of installation will be better.
Contractors wih licenses and insurance coverage are beter.
Verify these before choosing a roofing contractor.

Selecting Contractors

Best is to get references from friends and family. 
Check out the last five jobs of the roofing contractor.
Talk to the owners to know about their experiences. 
Bad job can reduce the life-span of the roof by several years.
Also, needs frequent repairs which will cost you a lot more in the long run.