Sunday, 22 December 2013

Benefits Of Strength Training

Strong Back
Strong muscles put less stress on the joints, lower back and connective tissues. You don't have to put extra effort when you lift stuff or for day-to-day activities. Regular training prevents certain diseases and helps build up muscle mass.
With strong muscles you need less effort to carry out activities and you also find energy to do more. People who weight train find that their energy levels are higher than those who don't. The brain also gets a boost from weight training.

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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Tips for effective walking

Walk with short steps. Long steps helps you walk faster but tires you out sooner. Don't walk flat footed. Walk with the heel touching the ground first and then your toes.  Roll your feet forward and push off with your toes. Keep the body straight particularly your back. Pull your abdomen in and tighten your glutes. Keep your arms relaxed and flexed at the elbow. Swing the arms as you walk along. Walk along paths that have natural dips and ups. This way you work harder on the upward slope and relax when you walk down the slope. This gives your heart a natural workout.

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Monday, 16 December 2013

Stick to your bodybuilding program

Training for bodybuilding is not easy. It requires immense amount of effort and patience before you will start notice tangible results. Your diet needs to be tailored to help you build muscle mass. When you train your form should be correct else you will be wasting effort on useless reps. It is also important to do the correct number of reps. You should do a particular routine till you can do it no more and still do the next rep. Only when you do it till the point of tiring out your muscle will small tears form in the muscle tissue and when it heals these tears form cords. This makes your muscles tougher and stronger.
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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Healthy Snacks Burn Fat

Low calorie healthy snacks full of goodness have the power not only to satisfy your cravings but also to burn off excess fat in your body. The nutrition gets absorbed by the body and helps in building muscle. Fiber rich snacks help in digestion and cut our body's craving for fried or sweet stuff. Fruits and vegetables are nature's power houses of nutrition. Every person needs to eat at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables every day. The nutrient-rich fresh produce keeps us healthy and prevents many types of diseases like cancer, heart problems, diabetes and blood pressure. If you buy seasonal fruits and vegetables you will not find plenty of them of good quality but also, very cheap.

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Lifestyle Changes To Treat Acne

Lifestyle changes do make big difference to acne.  Regular exercise is sound remedy. Exercise releases endorphins. These are stress-busters and prevent secretions from the oil glands. Sweating also promotes unclogging of pores which effectively removes grime and dirt from accumulating in them.

How teens love to run their hands over the indentations and bumps. They ignore warnings from parents to stop touching their faces. This is wise advice since your fingers spread the oil and bacteria around the face causing more outbreaks. Don't pop your zits. They are another way to spread the pimple causing bacteria around.

The above two changes make dramatic difference to acne on your face. Start today and see the difference.

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Monday, 9 December 2013

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