Monday, 17 February 2014

Before And After Pics Of Weight Loss Journey

Don't get intimidated. Click pictures of yourself before you start the weight loss program. And do this every month to chart progress. Share the pictures with people your trust and get feed back on how you look. Doesn't matter if people are calling your porky today. 4-5 months later when you post pictures of a sleeker you they will be astonished. This is the biggest motivation that can really keep you working towards your goal. So, don't worry start a facebook or Flickr account and post pictures of yourself with all your fat hanging out.

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Yoga and Meditation For Weight Loss

Yoga and meditation can help you lose weight. These calming exercises help by slowing down your heart rate and avoid the emotional ups and down that trigger your hunger hormones or sudden mood swings. If you notice you eat mindlessly when you are anxious, angry, stressed or just plain bored. A restless mind intreprets every body distress as a signal to eat. Food for long has been a source of comfort and to combat the various maladies of the body, your brain directs you to food. An easy way out? That's right. If you analyze your eating habits you will notice this tendency to stuff your mouth after you have had a fight or been thinking some anxious thoughts. You might not starting eating immediately but it does happen after you had a mental fight with person or persons. 

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Sunday, 16 February 2014

Tips To Losing Weight

If the word dieting puts you off don't diet. Instead try adding healthy stuff to your food. Like add fruits to your diet. Add vegetables to your soups and sauces. Add tomatoes and lettuce to your sandwich. Adding healthy and nutrition filled food will benefit your overall health and you won't even crave for the unhealthy stuff. Yes, through addition of good foods you naturally eliminate junk food without any need for dieting.

Share meals with friends or partners to limit the calorie in take. Buy small portion sizes if there is an option available. American restuarants unfortunately serve some of biggest portion sizes. It is better to share it with some one or box it for eating later.
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Friday, 14 February 2014

What's portion size of your meat serving?

Hamburgers served at restatements are huge. You can not count this as one serving of hamburger. The recommended size of beef is 3 ounces. The quarter-pound is slightly more at 4 ounces. But some of the burgers served are much bigger in size and probably contain half a pound of meat in them. So you cannot say that you had one serving of beef. It would probably 2-3 servings. So keep a close watch on portion size if you are keen on keeping track of your diet.

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Soda Pop Calories

Serving size of sodas is 12 ounces. Most people just buy a large bottle or fill up a large cup as it is cheaper and plop it in front of them while working or watching TV. They end up consuming 4-5 times their recommended amount of drink with large amounts of sugar too. Stop drinking soda altogether or if you have to choose the smallest cup and stick to it. Don't over indulge on this sugary treat as it neither contains nutrition nor a capacity to fill your stomach so you don't feel hungry later. It only makes your hungry half hour later.

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Avoid Diets And Fitness Fads

Don't get carried away by diets and fitness plans that celebs and friends rave about. It might have worked for them. But chances are the same program may not be suited for you. Every one is different in their activities, diet habits, discipline and genetic structure. Some people gain and lose weight easily. Others find it much more difficult. It is better to choose a program that suits your lifestyle rather than that of a celeb or a friend. It is easy to fall for some seductive weight loss programs and after investing time and energy find that is simply not working for you.

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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Experts Share Their Weight Loss Secrets

Another trick is to brush your teeth after dinner. This prevents you from snacking on any goodies in the fridge after meal is done.

Take before and after pictures of yourself before starting on the weight loss bandwagon. If you tend to lose interest in the weight loss goal a glance at the before pictures will be enough to get you back on track. After all you don't want to look like that again.

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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Weight loss tips

Order a soup instead of starter soaking with oil. Do leg raises under the table while waiting for your meal to arrive. For every junk mail you pull out of the post box jog around your home or run up the stairs. Do a quick 5-minute stair climbing exercise every day for same benefits as a 20 minute walk. want cake? Pick an angel cake rather than a pound cake which is dense and full of calories. Use whole grain pasta for dinner instead of eating semolina. When hungry reach for a cup of lowfat yoghurt instead of icecream dessert. Home cooked meals are less greasy and more healthy than what you get at fast-food joints and high-priced restaurants.

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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Eat Meat

Meat is one of key ingredients to increase muscle mass. You can't starve yourself and hope for body like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. An average 160 pound guy needs 160 gm proteins per day. This comes from consuming 2 eggs, one glass of milk, one 8 ounce chicken breast, a roast beef sandwich, 2 ounces of peanuts and one cup of cottage cheese. Spread this intake as part of different meals. Include carbohydrates and fats along with these proteins to get a complete balanced meal needed for body in muscle building mode.

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3 Tips To Gain Muscles Fast

Don't wear shoes. During training and when lifting weights don't wear shoes. This helps you to lift more weight as the lifting height is reduced and the muscles in the feet also grow stronger. Always train barefoot.

Tighten your butt muscles when weight training. Pull in your stomach and tighten those glutes for added punch in weight training. It stabilizes your torso and helps you lift heavier muscles.

Do 25 reps per set of exercise for maximum effect. You might want to do 8x3, 6x4 or 5x5. Keep the reps low and sets moderate.

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Choose the right exercises

Some routines and exercises are extremely while others don't produce any results. People new to body building might accidentaly stumble on to the right routines and see immediate results while others will be blundering through with ineffective exercises that simply don't show any results after months of practice. To avoid making these mistakes and getting discourage find a professional body building course that thousands of people have benefited from and follow the advice given in it. The difference between big muscles and nothing may be the just the right kind of exercises to use in the strength training program.

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Say No To Sodas And Fizzy Drinks

Stop drinking sodas and soft drinks. Avoid packaged fruit juices too. These are loaded with sugar. They contain so much sugar that you can high from drinking just one glass. It's all empty calories and completely a waste in terms of nutrition. Even the fruit juices are just sugar water. If you feel like a juice then squeeze couple of oranges yourself don't buy the packaged stuff. Liquid calories are not processed by the body same way as solids. The body doesn't consider it as substitute for food. So stop consuming liquid food. Drink water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Super Weight Loss Tip

When stressed take up cleaning the cupboard, the kitchen, bathroom floor, a grimy sink or that dirty corner under the stairs. As you clean and scrub, wipe and rub, all your stress flows out through the arms. The vigorous physical activity clears your mind too. Look at people who are naturally thin, they don't gorge on cookies and ice-cream when stressed. They use all that coiled up energy to do something exhausting and release the stress. If you continue to fume and fret about something real or imaginary you will eventually make yourself hungry and eat more. So, better use for something that actually consumes energy and makes your forget your worries for sometime at least. A simple work-out is the best stress-buster you can think of.

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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Remain Active

Working out for an hour or so in the gym is not enough. Find ways to remain active through out the day. Walk to the grocery store, park your car well-away from the school before dropping off the kid, find ways to remain active while watching TV, at work take a break every hour to take quick walk around. If you have room of your own take 5 minutes off to skip or do some aerobics.

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Friday, 7 February 2014

Some Tips For Effective Fat Loss

If you want to have an occasional treat indulge yourself but exercise restraint. If you love cupcakes and pastries, go ahead but avoid the frosting if possible and stick to one cupcake not three.

Instead of buying a double cream latte, choose a low-fat version, instead of sandwiches from the office cafeteria which are loaded with calories, make your own home-made sandwiches with fresh cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes and lean meats. Add salt, pepper, herbs and spices for added flavors. Vary the breads and the makings and you can enjoy an unlimited array of sandwiches. Just skip the mayo and butter.
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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Quick Weight Loss Program Review

The method called macro patterning was designed by fitness expert Shaun Hadsall after years of teaching thousands of people to achieve good health and fitness. He has made this program really easy to follow by dividing the 14 day period into the easily followed system. Deplete days, carb baseline days and cheat days make up the 14 days.
The above method is very similar to the techniques used in bodybuilding where rest days and training days are used alternately to help the muscles to rest and rebuild after a day of hard training. It is a system based on scientific research which increases your chances of losing weight especially the stubborn fat around your tummy area.

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