Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Gluten Intolerance Symptoms & Signs

Gluten intolerance symptoms are troublesome and severe. But after it is diagnosed, treatment of gluten intolerance is easy. Most people who suffer from the condition are not even aware of the reasons for their problems.

Gluten intolerance produces effects on the body as the consequence of an immunological problem. In this disorder, the body wrongly launches an assault on its own tissues, thinking they are foreign proteins. This causes tissue damage and several symptoms.

Along with malnutrition, the autoimmune assault leads to severe intestinal symptoms which can mimic conditions like leaky gut syndrome.  The lining of small intestine is made up of folds called villi. The convolutions raise surface area and in turn this improves absorption of digested food.

In gluten intolerance villi will gradually become damaged and die. As a result, the bowel becomes unable to digest and absorb proteins in wheat, barley or rye. Malnutrition occurs as an effect of this improper absorption and it further compounds the situation.

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